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Talk Your Way to Better Mental Health

There is nothing shameful about mental health problems or addictive behaviors. If you think you may have an issue, NLVBH is here to help. Our counselors offer individual and group therapy that promotes healing by talking about the causes of your problem.

Meet One-on-One

Receive treatment for a variety of issues, including depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. We offer one-on-one time with a psychotherapist to discuss any stressors in your life that may be the trigger for your issue.

To achieve optimum results, we try to make each therapy plan unique to the client. Individual therapy has several benefits that include increased functioning along with a reduction in stress and anxiety.

Join the Group

Many people find comfort in the knowledge that others are experiencing the same struggles as themselves. In group therapy, you have the opportunity to share your experiences on the topics that are present.

Each week, we share and expand on the topic, and work with your mood and behaviors. Group therapy is an ideal way to improve your social skills while helping you stay socially active.

While this type of therapy is serious business, it does not have to be boring. We try to include fun activities to keep our clients engaged.

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